Consumer Classes


PRICE RM 280 per person

We will take you through how coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed. We also help you to identify different roasting profiles as well as best practices in buying, storing and grinding coffee. You will also learn the fine art of brewing and how to evaluate a great cup of coffee and other brewing methods that will bring out the most flavor and aroma.


PRICE RM 200 per person

This course brings you deep into the world of espresso and espresso based coffee beverages. You will also understand the use of milk and textured milk for drinks such as latte, cappuccino and flat whites. At the end of this session you will be capable of discerning good and bad froths and how these drinks are made.


PRICE RM 450 per person

This is a hands-on course that is catered for beginners who want to improve their skills in Latte Art.


PRICE RM 200 per person

This is a basic introductory course to get to know professional cupping standards and how the industry evaluates cupping objectively, it's value and how that is required in coffee industry.


PRICE RM 400 per person

Participants will learn different ways of brewing coffee, from French Press, Clever Dripper, V60, Chemex, and the Siphon.Learn the essential elements of quality; focused brewing practices and explore key brewing concepts in depth.